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How much is a dozen of hard rolls?

I think it's like $3 and some cents I haven't really been eating rules the last few months trying to lose weight

Do you make fruit pies? I would really love a peach pie, but I am open to some suggestions.

They don't often have fruit pies. Sometimes they have tarts. Everything they make it delicious

National bakery opened today July 4th?


Is National Bakery open on Easter Sunday?

No but I believe they are open on other Sundays til noon

Is this bakery shop kosher?

Yes. Yes it is.

Do they send to out of town people, I really like their pastries, but I'm in North Carolina

We could

Why were they closed

They do close early...sunday they close at 12 pm.

Do they ship?

I think they only do business to business shipping. And even that might be in a specific region. Their stuff is so fresh it doesn't last more than a few days. So I think that makes it hard to distribute to a vast area.

Do you sell bisquits?

I'm pretty sure they don't but you can definitely find something there you'll like

Are their Packzis good here?


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